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Quantum computers are known to be able to break public key cryptography. Even worse, data harvested today can be stored and decrypted later; any entity that sends high volumes of sensitive data could very well be leaking information as we speak. For this reason, the European Commission has launched a set of projects aimed at creating a Europe-wide quantum communication infrastructure. Here in Malta, our project PRISM (“Physical Security for Public Infrastructure in Malta”) is building a country-wide test-bed quantum network over the next two years.

Our upcoming seminar, entitled “A New Kind of Cybersecurity: Quantum Secured-Networking in Malta , will introduce the quantum threat, detail why action must be taken now, how the threat can be counteracted, and what can be done to ensure Malta is at the forefront of these activities. 

This seminar, will be led by Prof. Andre Xuereb, Merqury Cybersecurity Founder & CEO, will take place at the Faculty of ICT at the University of Malta on Wednesday, 22nd November 2023.

Time: 9am-1pm

Address: Faculty of ICT, University of Malta, Msida MSD 2080, Malta

Price: Free

Light refreshments will be served.

You are kindly asked to RSVP below:

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