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The time has come for us to hold our very first public talk, which will contain insights that you absolutely don’t want to miss! 

Quantum mechanics predicts some truly weird phenomena. Things can be in two places at the same time. Switches can be on and off simultaneously. Teleportation is a reality. During this talk, we will take a walk through some basic quantum concepts and show how, more than simply abstract mathematics, they can help us build better computers and other technologies.

We will then discuss how quantum technologies simultaneously threaten our cybersecurity apparatus and allow us to build unhackable, ultrasecure communication systems.

The public talk, which will be given by Prof. André Xuereb, Professor of Quantum Physics at the University of Malta and founder of Merqury Cybersecurity, will take place in the Aula Prima at the University of Malta’s Valletta Campus on Wednesday, 24th April, 2024.

Time: 6pm with a reception to follow at 7pm

Address: University of Malta Valletta Campus, St Paul’s Street, Valletta VLT 1216, Malta

Price: Free

Light refreshments will be served.

You are kindly asked to RSVP below:

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