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Physical Security for Public Infrastructure in Malta


A Quantum Communication Network in Malta, spanning the entire country.

The EuroQCI declaration, signed in June 2019, aims to build a Europe-wide quantum-secured network by 2030. The PRISM project will start to build a quantum-secured network in Malta, in the spirit of the EuroQCI initiative. The project outlines how a quantum communication infrastructure (QCI) can be implemented in Malta, including the location of QCI nodes, technologies that must be deployed and use cases.

The network would be the first of its kind in Europe, bringing Malta into the quantum age. The first quantum technologies SME in Malta will work with the University of Malta, private entities and public authorities to focus on the last mile integration needed to bring quantum key distribution to end users in a convenient, secure and standards-compliant way. This project will deploy a large-scale quantum network spanning Malta.  The project’s conclusion will see quantum key distribution systems that are self-contained, trustworthy, and ideally poised to be rolled out throughout the European and international markets.

“Cybersecurity, or the lack of, is a threat to the EU, its values and its existence. Over the past few years, Europe has been at the forefront of developing innovative, resilient, cybersecurity solutions. With the creation of Merqury, Malta will be established as a global leader in this field, helping to develop European standards in quantum encryption.”

Prof. André XuerebFounder, Merqury Cybersecurity Limited

The Consortium

This project is co-funded by the European Union under the Digital Europe Programme grant agreement number 101111875.

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